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Hey kids, this might be the beginning

At like 7:15 I noticed a tad of bright red blood. I wasn't concerned and was actually pretty excited. Since then, there has been enough blood to call the dr, but not enough that it is likely anything wrong.

Doc said to go to the hospital and get checked out. "Probably the start of labor" Best case scenario is that they have a look, say labor is starting and send us home until there is more action. I'm having wheat have to be contractions, but they don't hurt yet. I'm thankful for as much not-hurt as I can get.

I just took a quickie shower in case they keep me. Megan is gathering last-minute stuff together for the trip.

Hopefully I'll be back in an hour or so and will get to sleep in my own bed. It's hard to imagine sleeping, though. I'm positively shaking with nervous excitement.

OK, time to hit the road.

One more thing -- the auto-update thing at hopeandmegan.com isn't working, so you'll have to check here for phone post update stuff if they keep me.


Staying home today (Tuesday)

I was considering staying home today just because the weather is nice, but now I'm glad I was pre-thinking about it.

#1 - The crib is being delivered today. This is excellent news, but at this point all we know is that it is being delivered before 3:00. That's a HUGE window of time.
#2 - My right hand seems to have swollen up like a big ham. I think maybe I had my carpal tunnel thing on too tightly while I slept and it cut off circulation or something, but it's been off for an hour now and isn't much better...
#3 - The kid is sitting on some nerve that is sending electric shocks down my right leg.

No contractions worth mentioning.

In summary, I'm going to go back to bed.


Sunday Afternoon - nada

Not much to report on the baby front.

We went and had big breakfast at Whole World, thinking the spice and all-around numminess would be helpful (but it hasn't been). Next we went up to Target to buy a second carseat. We had been going back and forth about whether to buy a second base for the infant seat that we have ($60 for just the base!) or to buy the convertible seat that goes from 6 to 65 pounds that we were going to have to pop for at some point anyway. There were pros and cons of both options, but in the end we decided this was a better use of money PLUS we had enough Target gift card money to almost pay for the whole thing! We also swung by the Cadbury aisle... Mmmmm....

We stopped by Wholly Craft on the way home because we had never been in there before and wanted to check it out. Lots of cute stuff, but we didn't end up buying anything. It made me wish that I was still in business because that would've been a great place to sell the pet stuff I used to make.

We also hit up a garage sale on the way home and scored a baby einstein play mat thing for 8 bucks (Costs $52 at Amazon) and a selection of baby clothes and socks for a few bucks more. They had a co-sleeper bed (the mini size) for $60, which is a great deal, but since we have the pack-n-play we kinda gave up on the co-sleeper.

Now that we are home, I'm going to go read the directions for the carseat monstrosity that we just bought so that we can get it installed. Anybody else tried squeezing a britax marathon into the backseat of a civic?? Tips are appreciated.

I think we are gonna have dinner with the boys tonight. That'll be good to give us less time to sit around and stew.

Afternoon Update

Yeah, there really isn't one. No contractions. Nothing. *sigh*

I've been puttering around the house all day, doing laundry and tidying a bit. Before you ask, no, I haven't been scrubbing the bathroom floor with a toothbrush.

I wanted to share a couple of belly pics with you. Check out how much more sticky-out and low my gut was on Thursday than a couple of weeks before.

38 weeks March 27Here is the picture from our due date.

I also just took pics of all of our cloth diapers. Some (ok, most) of you will find me crazy, but I know some of you are cloth diapering nuts and will appreciate browsing through my stash. Click through to get the whole set (5 pictures)

HoneyboysColorful All-In-Ones

Gonna go feed the cats and then I think I'll go take a walk around the block until Megan gets home.

No time soon

Well, the doc checked out my bits and pretty much told me that I had no chance of popping this kid out by my due date. "Most first time moms go at least until 41 weeks." Yeah, I know, but a girl can still hope.

Still 1 cm dilated. Still "soft." I guess my cervix was more reachable, which I see as a bonus because she didn't have to fish around up there as much to find what she was looking for (translation - didn't hurt as much). This makes my Bishop score a little better, which means that if by some tragedy I had to be induced, my chances of it taking well are improved.

She asked if I was doing the evening primrose oil thing. I replied that since she said I was soft already that it didn't seem worthwhile. Her response was "it's a craps shoot" and gave us a handout. 500 mg by mouth, 1000 up the hoo-hah (or is that the other way around?) Sooooo Megan and I swung by whole foods on the way home. I'm up for boosting my odds.

We met with our other potential pediatrician group tonight and came home with more gifty breastfeeding bags supplied by formula companies. *rolled eyes* I think we are going to go with the first group. The woman there seemed smart, up on the literature, was a breastfeeding mom herself and in general was more pleasant to be around. I'm sure this group was fine, but we felt more comfortable in the other place. I feel good to have another decision under my belt. (Me with a belt -- ha!)

While at whole foods, we bought some of their yummy-roo lasagna, which is heating up now. Mmmmmm.... Oh, and Megan just made us smoothies. I have the best wife in the world.


spring quarter

Today is the first day of OSU's spring quarter. Ok, actually it was yesterday, but since Megan didn't have to teach, it didn't count. With her new schedule she has office hours 4:30-5:30 and then teaches from 5:50 to 7:30. It's been a long time since she's had an evening gig. I imagine it will be really nice once lil critter makes her appearance to have Meg home all day. It's kinda weird now, though, because I have to drive to work and I've been SERIOUSLY spoiled by being dropped off and picked up every day (+ Parking isn't cheap downtown). I also need to leave earlier in the morning to give myself time to walk in (but failed miserably at that this morning). Oh well, perhaps I won't be doing it too many more times. I would like to spend as much time with my girl as possible while it is just the two of us, but since she did come and meet me for lunch, I might be caught up on my Megan quotient -- at least until she gets home tonight and we can snuggle up and watch the uber romantical amercian idol. I wonder what the theme is tonight? Ugh "Songs of the 21st Century" I hope Ace and Lion King Girl screw up. I can't stand either of them. Him with him fakey fake camera gaze and her with he sense of entitlement. Bleh

I don't know if you folks have read about how pregos aren't supposed to shed hair, but I pretty much thought that was crap. Anyway, somewhere around month 3 or 4 I DID stop shedding. Like in the shower, there's that hair you find on your hands when you wring out your hair -- that just didn't happen. Anywho, yesterday when I was showering, there was hair falling out. Not a lot, but some. It really startled me and then it dawned on me -- maybe my hormones are starting to head back to normal and maybe this means that this baby is coming soon?!? Who knows if that is the case or not, but that compiled with the other real signs that I've had (all of these) and I'm feeling like we are pretty close.

OK, I need to go assess our dinner options.


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