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Evaluation Results

 We got Jude's assessment in the mail over the weekend. For you child development gurus, the test they did was the "Battelle Developmental Inventory 2nd Edition." According to the report, a child must score more than 1.5 standard deviations below the norm in a category to be eligible for services in that area. Jude scored -1.67 in expressive communication and thus did qualify for "early intervention services and consultative support from a speech pathologist." I have all of the numbers if they mean something to anyone.

The case worker is coming out tomorrow to go over it with us. I wanted to tell her that we know how to read and really don't need her to come out again, but that seemed rude or against protocol or something.

I had been telling myself that I was just being proactive about Jude's speech and that I wasn't worried about it or anything. I shot that to hell today. Today at work a woman brought her son, Gage, in for a visit. He is almost exactly a month younger than Jude, so we are often chatting about what the kids are doing. I had never met him before, though. His Mom was doing some things at work and was out of sight a couple of times. Whenever she did this, he would calmly say "Mama?" and she would pop back in sight. It sounds ridiculous, but it really cut through me. Jude has never called me anything. If he was looking for me, he would have to cry or yell or grunt to get my attention. Gage had all sorts of words, but the Mama thing really got to me.

I think they will only cover one speech therapy session a month. I'm hoping my insurance covers some, but I think probably not. This is what my coverage book says:

Speech Therapy - In order to be considered a Covered Service, this therapy must be performed by a certified, licensed
therapist and be Medically Necessary due to a medical Condition such as:
• a congenital abnormality;
• a stroke;
• aphasia;
• dysphasia; or
• post-laryngectomy

I don't know *exactly* what aphasia or dysphasia are. Would one of these be Jude?

This is in the "not covered" area:

54. Services provided in connection with autism, pervasive developmental disorders or learning disabilities except for
the purpose of diagnosis of the condition

I'm guessing they would throw speech therapy for a toddler into this area.

My work is switching insurance in July...



 Two speech therapy people came out to the house this morning to evaluate Jude (they did an overall assessment, not just speech). Of COURSE our power was out and it was crazy chilly in our house.

It went pretty much the way I expected. He was a rockstar with his block stacking and his crayon scribbling. He said "ba" a few times. He *loved* the lady's plastic case full of toys.

We told them that we were doing some signs with him. She said something along the lines of, "that's really good because when he gets a little bit older and doesn't have words to express himself, it will become very frustrating to him."

What I heard is that she was thinking of him as not having words now and maybe not having them for a while. I guess this probably means that it was good that we contacted them when we did.

They wouldn't tell us anything today. They will write up a report which will be faxed to our case worker and mailed to us.

After that, the case worker will come back out again and services can be set up. If nothing else, this process is causing our house to be cleaned more regularly.



 Got a call yesterday from Help Me Grow. They said that they received our ASQ and have concerns about Jude's communication. (as though I wouldn't be sure which area they would be concerned with). They are passing our info along to the county. The county should contact me in the next couple of days to "set up services." I'm sure she means an evaluation, but those are the words she said.



  I was actively listening to him chatter to himself and it is mostly vowels something like "eya ba ooooh ahhh buh" I did hear one guh kind of sound. There have never been any da-das or ma-mas. I take that back. His very first word was "dat (that)." Back around his birthday he would point to things, say "dat" and want to be told what it was called. He doesn't do that anymore, though. He just points (so maybe we ~are~ enabling him). He doesn't repeat anything back or mimic anything (maybe with the exception of bye bye).


Debating EI for Jude

(I'm  posting some posts that I had originally put up at the IVP.  I thought it would be a good idea to keep track of Jude's words and when he could do what)

 I keep going back and forth about whether to sign Jude up for an early intervention assesment. I know boys are supposed to be late(r) talkers, but Jude really isn't saying much at all. Also, everything that he DOES say, he's been saying for 2ish months with no more added.

I did some brainstorming and this is what I came up with. I thought maybe if I wrote them all down there would be more than I thought, but it didn't really work out that way. At our house "ba" requires context clues.

Ba (ball)
Ba (bottle)
Ba (binky)
Ba (bowl)
Ba (bar = fruit bar)
Boo (spoon)
Aff (Woof = dog)
A (cat)
Nuh nuh nuh nuh (no)
Mmmmmmmmm (if something is tasty)

He's 16 months right now. I'm guessing if I signed him up, an assessment might not happen until 18 months?? Do these things usually take a while?

I'll read one thing that says he should be using 10 or 20 or even 50 words by now (although that seems like a lot). Then I read something else that suggests that he should have "at least one word." The website of Ohio's EI program "Help Me Grow" is one of the places that says at least one word by 15 months. This leads me to believe that he wouldn't qualify anyway. I looked to see what they said about 18 months and all I could find was "Begins to use words to make his wants known."

His receptive language seems fine.


Fall TV Lineup

 Mainly notes to myself, but these are the shows this week that we need to set/make sure are set on the DVR.  Many thanks to TVGuide's website for allowing me to do my research!

House (Fox)
Chuck (NBC)
How I Met Your Mother(CBS)


Law & Order: SVU(NBC)
Criminal Minds (CBS)
Modern Family (ABC)
The Whole Truth (ABC)New (legal drama that follows cases from both sides)
The Defenders (CBS)New (maybe record one? Jim Belushi and Jerry O'Connell as Las Vegas defense attorneys)

My Generation (ABC)New (I'm intrigued, but maybe not enough to record it)
Bones (Fox)
Community (NBC)
S#*! My Dad Says(CBS) New (William Shatner is the Dad, I'm guessing it will suck, but I want to see one)
Fringe (Fox)
The Office (NBC)
Outsourced (NBC)New

Medium (CBS)

Dexter (Showtime)
Brothers & Sisters(ABC)
Sister Wives (TLC) (???)

Next week

No Ordinary Family (Personally, this is my most anticipated new show. It's a family with super powers, the dad is Michael Chiklis)

Law & Order: Los Angeles


Can't believe our Judey

Holy Carp! Jude just walked across the floor, bent over and picked up a block, then stood up and walked away -- without falling. We are SO in for it. Bring it on! (sharing here b/c it's MY wall, eh?)


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  • 07:41 {flickr} peeking around the mattress: hopeandmegan posted a video:

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