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Columbus School Lottery

We got our letter. Not the best news...

We got in to Ecole Kenwood (French Immersion).
We are 22 for Clinton.
We are 114 for Indianola.

They also gave a "Lottery Number." Is this how many slots the school had? (21 for Clinton, 31 for Kenwood, 189 for Indianola)

I know Indianola is a lost cause

Now we have to decide whether to take the Kenwood slot or roll the dice for Clinton. If 21 is how many lottery kids they are taking, there would have to be a 100% turnover for her to get in. Our other option is to pay (money we don't really have) to sent Q to Columbus Montessori. We reserved her a spot there just in case. We have to let them know by May or we will owe them the whole amount, so it isn't like we can just watch the Columbus lists all summer and make a last minute decision.

Pros of Kenwood: We're in and it's free.  Quinn can be bused.  It is K-8, we wouldn't have to choose a junior high.  We can spend our saved-up tuition money to buy a car, 'cause we need a new one.  Learning 2 languages from a young age is supposed to do really good brain-wiring things.  

Cons of Kenwood: It's a commitment.  I mean, they ONLY speak to your kid in French for the first couple of years.  Quinn has serious concentration issues in general.  I'm concerned that this may be more than she can do.  We liked it just fine, but we didn't have mad passion for it.

We do know someone who had a comparable lottery number who DID  get into Clinton, but they didn't find out until right before the school year started.  I think Clinton must hold a chunk for late-enrolled neighborhood kids.  We can't wait this long, though, because of the May $$$ deadline at Columbus Montessori.

This is waaaay too stressful.

Any advice???


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Apr. 17th, 2011 01:31 pm (UTC)
Tough choice
Ugh. I am so sorry that you didn't do better in the lottery. Waiting for the possibility of Clinton seems so risky - what would happen if you held out for that and she DIDN'T get in? As far as the French school: do you know any other families there? Can you talk to a teacher, counselor, or administrator there about your concerns about Quinn's concentration issues? If you send her to Montessori for another year, what are the lottery odds for 1st grade entrance? What happens if you don't get anything good then? I would lean towards the French immersion in your shoes, but I know how sucky it is to be sending your kid somewhere that's not what you really want (we had that with the 3 year old lottery for N, though it turned out fabulously, and have it again with the 3 y.o. lottery for T and are hoping it will be ok).
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