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Therapy Plan

 Met with our case worker this morning. Here is the plan, as I understand it...

A speech therapist will come to our house once a month. S/he will give us techniques to use with Jude.

There are "Center Based Services" which are the good ones, he can go three times a month, or more if they have cancellations. There is a wait list for this. I think we can expect to get in by summer.

There are "bridge" services to tide kids over until the center based services open up. These are in the evenings, but I'm not sure how often. Maybe 2 times a month? There is possibly a wait list for this, too, but not as long.

There may be some small group sessions starting up to tide kids over until bridge opens up, until center services open up.

We had been researching the Toddler Language Class (TLC) program at Columbus Speech and Hearing Center and Megan actually had a message in with them to find out how much it costs. The program is September through May, three days a week for 2 ½ hours. It is taught by a Speech Language Pathologist and a Child Development Specialist. An OT comes in for 2 hours a week to work with the kids and do fun OT-related play like swinging from ropes and such. There are only 8 kids in the room.

Our case worker brought TLC up today and said that he is "just what they are looking for" because they want to focus on speech only. It turns out that her office is who can recommend kids for the waiting list (yes, another). She said that she would fax in our information today. She was hopeful because she submitted 3 in March of last year who all got in, so this being a month earlier...

Oh, and did I mention through Early Intervention, IT'S FREE!!! Yes, FREE childcare with a 1:4 ratio provided by highly educated people. Holy shite!

I know nothing has started (or will for at least a month, it seems), but I feel like we've got Jude positioned to receive services. Not that we are guaranteed a spot at the TLC, but if we had waited a couple of months before contacting Early Intervention, there would have been NO chance that he would have made it in. The same goes for the other stuff. He's closing in on 18 months and still not saying much of anything. If we had waited until he was officially 18 months, we would have been that much further down the list.

strawberry - I'm looking at you. Get on the lists. You can always cancel later...


So Jude, has a new word, "No!" He says this with enthusiasm and completely without regard to whether he is agreeing or not. If he bounces when he says No! then it usually means yes. As you may recall, Ba is Jude's catch-all word to mean everything else.

Conversation with the TV the other day:

Leo from Little Einsteins: I like animals, do you like animals?
Jude: No! (bounce, bounce)
Leo: Me, too. What's your favorite animal?
Jude: Ba!



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